Facebook re-invents the 'poke' with five new greetings

Facebook re-invents the 'poke' with five new greetings including a hug, high-five and a wave

Each greeting interacts with your friend's profile in a unique way, with a hug embracing their profile picture and a poke prodding it.

At the top of users' profiles on mobile, the Poke button sits next to a Message button, and right below your friend's name and photo.

The feature, which the Next Web spotted and appears to be rolling out to some users in the U.K. and South America as part of a test, works a lot like the "Reaction" options that supplement the Like button—if you hold down the wave greeting, the rest of the salutations will materialize.

The purpose of all these groovy new ways to say hi? Facebook is, as ever, on a quest to increase engagement, as evidenced by another move it made earlier this week, launching a feature called "Did You Know." As TechCrunch's piece on Did You Know acknowledges, "[a] healthy amount of these features eventually seem to find themselves as dead-ends," but it's interesting to watch Facebook try to reshape the world it's wrought, in ways both central and peripheral. It introduced all these bells and whistles and great ways to share, and then whoops, it may have accidentally swayed an election, time to pedal it back! 

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Saturday, 20 January 2018

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