Peshawar’s female student developed an amazing device for blind people

A Pakistani student Hafsa jamal from Peshawar has developed useful device for the blind people which helps them walk by indicating if there's any obstacle ahead.

The device includes a white stick which has a navigation device attached. There is a sensor too with buzzer that goes off whenever there is an obstacle in the path 

The device called 'Sonic eye' can indicate the obstacles ahead and makes it easier for visually impaired people to walk by.

The young student is also preparing a mobile app so that blind people rather than being dependent on the traditional symbol cane can also walk around with their cell-phone alerting them of any obstructions ahead.

Hafsa aims to add new sensors to her device that will not only include a special camera for the identification of objects, but will also assist the visually impaired in recognising currency notes easily.

The student says that the Sonic Eye – a brilliant and advanced piece of technology that can change the lives of visually impaired for the better, can be provided to people free of cost not only in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but also across Pakistan with the aid of the government

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

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