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  • Life is nothing but a competition to be the crininal rather than the victim..

  • Someone i loved once gave me a box full of darkness. it took me years to understand that this , too, was a gift

  • All failed relationships hurt, but losing Someone Who Doesn’t Appreciate You Is Actually A Gain, Not A loss

  • I will never learn to stop loving you I am just learning how to live without you and move on without you.

  • Sometimes, the only soul that can mend a broken heart is the one that broke it. For they are the ones holding all the pieces.?

  • My happiness does not depend on somebody, its depend on me.

  • It is better to be alone, than being with someone who makes you feel alone

  • Don't be happy for making me a fool, you'll later come to know who the real fool is

  • It’s so hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember

  • Once in a while, in the middle of the road love teaches u how to lead your life with a broken heart and soul.

  • My life is end now...but still em alive .i really wnt to die but i could'nt commit suicide....i still love him but the fact is that he dn't care at all.

  • u can hurt a heart only till it loves you.

  • its crazy, when some one breaks yr heart and you still love them wid all broken pieces

  • I act like i don't care but deep down i swer it kills me.

  • I hate it when you talk to someone every single day and then it stops. All of a sudden neither of you say a word to each other

  • I Feel So Stupid for Still Loving You

  • Loneliness has taught me many everything in this world except one thing.. "how to forget the one who made me lonely

  • Sometimes i keep my feelings to myself because its hard for someone else to understand them :(

  • I am upset with myself to love such a creature who don't even deserve ma love & attention :(

  • Respect & Trust are 2 easiest thing in life for someone to lose and the hardest thing to get back.

  • People say "Never Give Up" but Sometimes Giving Up Is The Best Option Because You Realizes That You'Re Wasting Your Time.

  • It's painful to see someone you love with someone else

  • Tears are the last gift of true love

  • its painful to imagine your love with someone else.

  • I Cried Today Not Because I Miss You Or Even Wanted You.... But Because I Realized I'm Gonna Be Alright Without You

  • I Would Give Up Everything For One Moment With You; For One Moment Is Better Than A Lifetime Of Not Knowing You.

  • No One In D World Has D Ability 2stop Their Tears When Their Loved Ones Say 2 Them "Dont Leave Me , I Need You" Or "Leave Me I Dint Need You

  • Some Dreams Weren't Meant To Come True....I Learned That From You.

  • It's Really Painful To Say Goodbye To Someone That You Don't Want To Let Go But Its Even More Painful To Ask Someone To Stay If They Never Wanted To Stay.

  • Unfortunately, We Believe The Liars, Trust The Backstabbers, And Like The Heart breakers We Are All Just Stories In The End.

  • When Someone Walks Out Of Your Life, Let Them. They Are Just Making More Room For Someone Better To Walk In.

  • Missing Someone Who Doesn't Miss You Back In Return Is Probably One Of The Worst Feelings Anyone Can Feel.

  • The Opposite Of Love Is Not Hate But To Avoid. If U Dont Love Me Then Hate Me But Plz Dont Avoid Me.. It Hurts...! :'(

  • There's Always Going To Be That One Person You Always Want To Be With Even After You Find Out They Don't Want To Be With You.

  • My Feelings For You Are Like A Boomerang. Whenever I Try To Get Rid Of It By Throwing It All Away, It Constantly Finds A Way To Get Back.

  • You Have Given And Taken A Lot From Me. You Gave Me A Reason To Smile, But You Took Away My Ability To Love Anybody Else.

  • They Say Time Heals All Wounds, But All It's Done Is Give Me More Time To Think About How Much I Miss You.

  • I Hate Those Moments Right Before You Go To Sleep, When You Are Forced To Think About All The Things You Tried So Hard To Forget.

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  1. Waqar Aziz Butt

its painful to imagine your love with someone else<br />..<br /> 8)

  1. Huma

Don't Trust Too Much, aajkal k logo pr

  1. Shagufta Ilyas    Huma

yes, i agree with you

  1. Shagufta Ilyas

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