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#571 by Zubair Khan
Joomla has an advanced permission system, called Access Control List (ACL). This allows you to define which group can perform what actions on your website.
The available Joomla core actions are: Site Login, Admin Login, Offline Access, Super Admin, Access Administration Interface, Create, Delete, Edit, Edit State and Edit Own. You can set permissions for these actions on four levels: Global configuration, Components and if applicable for a Categories and Items. The Joomla ACL system is a great way to define groups with their own set of permissions.
The ACL Manager comes in
Easily manage the permissions of Joomla websites with the clickable permission grid of the award winning ACL Manager.
A great overview of all Joomla ACL settings and discover & fix issues with the Joomla assets table easily

download ACL Manager 2.5.3

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